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Living in Geneva and Surrounding Areas
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Swiss Companies, Recruiters and Employment Agencies for Scientists Jobs

How to find work and reside in Switzerland

How to find work and reside in Switzerland

Besides the employers and recruiters shown below, you should also consult our page dealing with jobs in the international (often Europe, Africa and the Middle East regional HQ's) headquarters, located in Switzerland. There is also a page that deals with companies which recruit on an international basis (Page 1 and Page 2), wherever their headquarter is.

* *

A Few Things about the Political System in Switzerland and its Relationship to the European Union and its Predessessors

If you want to work in Switzerland, you better understand a few things about the country. Since 1848, the Swiss Confederation is a Federal Republic made up of 26 relatively speaking, small states with an important element of independence within the Federal Constitution. There are three main governing bodies on the federal level the bicameral parliament (legislative), the Federal Council (executive) and the Federal Court (judicial).

Through referendums, citizens may challenge any law passed by parliament and through initiatives, introduce amendments to the federal constitution, thus making Switzerland a direct democracy.

Since 1315 and again in 1386 and 1388, the Swiss had fought to keep their independence against foreign rulers. Moreover, in the minds of many Swiss, there is no need to associate themselves with institutions or associations that restrict Swiss independence. Direct democracy has fostered and strengthened that resolve as can be seen from the many votes related to the European Union.

The Swiss population or at least those who bother to go to elections and vote on issues have repeatedly stated that they want to stay independent of the European Union. The first vote that made this clear was in 1992 when 50.3% of the Swiss voted against becoming a member of European Economic Area.

Chronology of Swiss votes about the European Union

3 Dec 1972 Free trade agreement with the European Communities is approved by 72.5% of voters
6 Dec 1992 Joining the European Economic Area is rejected by 50.3% of voters. This vote strongly highlighted the cultural divide between the German- and the French-speaking cantons. The only German-speaking cantons voting for the EEA were Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft, which border on France and Germany.
8 June 1997 The „federal popular initiative" negotiations concerning EU membership: let the people decide!" on requiring the approval of a referendum and the Cantons to launch accession negotiations with the EU («Négociations d'adhésion à l'UE  : que le peuple décide  !  ») is rejected by 74.1% of voters.
21.05.2000 TheBilateral I“ agreements with the EU are accepted by 67.2% of voters.
4. March 2001 The federal popular initiative "yes to Europe!" (« Oui à l'Europe!») on opening accession negotiations with the EU is rejected by 76.8% of voters.
5. June 2005 The Schengen Agreement and the Dublin Regulation are approved by 54.6% of voters
25.Sept. 2005 The extension of the free movement of persons to the ten new members of the  European Union  is accepted by 56.0% of voters.
26.11.06 The cohesion contribution of one billion for the ten new member states of the European Union (Eastern Europe Cooperation Act) is approved by 53.4% of voters.
8,February 2009 The extension of the free movement of persons to  new EU members  Bulgaria  and  Romania  is approved by 59.61% of voters.
17. May 2009 Introduction of  biometric passports, as required by the Schengen acquis, is approved by 50.15% of voters.
17. June 2012 The federal popular initiative "international agreements: let the people speak!" (Accords internationaux: la parole au peuple!) on requiring all international treaties to be approved in a referendum launched by the  Campaign for an Independent and Neutral Switzerland  is rejected by 75.3% of voters.
9. February 2014 The federal popular initiative "against mass immigration", which would limit the free movement of people from EU member states, is accepted by 50.3% of voters

Among these twelve  votations, three are against further integration with the EU or for reversing integration with the EU (6 December 1992, 4 March 2001 and 9 February 2014); the other nine are votes in favour of either deepening or maintaining integration between Switzerland and the European Union.
(Source and ©copyright: Wikipedia)

Switzerland is not part of the European Union, but affiliated to it by a large number of "Bilateral Agreements" (Bilateral I“) and the "Schengen Agreements." As a consequence, people from the EU and the much smaller EFTA, to which Switzerland was a founder member, can be employed and can find a job and live in the country without much bureaucracy.

That does not apply for citizens from outside the EU/EFTA. If you hold a passport from the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ or any other country outside the EU/EFTA, getting a work and residence permit is difficult, and you have to be well qualified and offer skills and education for which there is a shortage in Switzerland. Also, except for a few job areas, you have to know at least one of the national languages with reasonable fluency.

Switzerland has 8.4 million people, is densely populated on just under 16,000 square miles, much of which, such as the Alps, is uninhabitable.

Its Non-Swiss population, i.e. people not holding Swiss nationality is over 23%, and the largest groups are Italians and Germans, followed by people from former Yugoslavia, the Portuguese and Spaniards.

Non-EU and Non EFTA citizens are given work permits under a form of a quota system, In total there are around 10,000 work permits offered per year. Most of these go to highly qualified people.

About Work and Residence Permits

The Type of Work and Residence Permits issued in Switzerland

The important permits for people looking for a job are show in stronger green. The other permit are just there for completeness. You should not that you cannot simply go to Switzerland and then apply for a work/residence permit. You have to be (1) offered a job in writing with an employment contract and then (2) when you accept it by signing the contract , the prospective employer (3) has to apply for a Permit B work permit.

Type of Permit What it allows you to do Comments
B Permit A residence permit usually valid for one year and renewable annually. It is usually the initial residence/work permit for people from in and outside the EU. However, while EU citizens have a right to stay and look for a job within Switzerland, non EU/EFTA citizens do not have that right. For them their prospective employer has to apply for the B-permit and the numbers are strictly limited by an annual contingency. B permit holders are eligible for a C permit after 5 (Canadian, US, EU nationals)or ten years of obtaining the annual B permits
C Permit A permanent residence permit (about equivalent to a US Green Card) issued after 10 years of residence (5 years for Canadian, US, EU nationals) . A C permit may be issued following a 5-year uninterrupted stay when the foreigner has shown his or her capacity to integrate into the population
Ci Permit A work permit issued to the spouse of an employee of an international organization as well as to their unmarried children under the age of 21 on the grounds of family reunification. The validity of the Ci permit is subject to the duration of the post of the member of the international organization  
G Permit Grenzgaenger Permit - a work permit giving a person living in a neighboring country (France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein) the right to work - but not to reside - in Switzerland (cross-border worker) This permit has lost its importance, since citizens of the surrounding countries are all EU/EFTA members and have the right to enter, work in Switzerland and obtain a residence permit.
S Permit A residence permit for persons requiring protection (issued collectively) Refugee or some Asylum Seekers
L Permit A temporary residence permit for a stay of up to 12 months. It is linked to the employment it is granted for and may be subject to other conditions. Short Term Work Permit. Often used for seasonal workers in the Hotel and Tourist Industry and Agriculture for people from outside the EU/EFTA. Now also used for highly qualified workers on short term contracts or assignments (e.g. programmers, IT personnel)
F Permit Temporary permit issued individually and allowing asylum seekers to seek gainful employment as well as professional training. Validity up to 12 months Asylum Seekers only
N Permit A permit giving asylum seekers access to the labor market - but not professional training- during the time their application is being processed and starting on the 4th month following their application Asylum Seekers only

General Workforce, Education and Languages

The workforce in Switzerland is highly educated, and many people are bi- and multi-lingual.The official languages of Switzerland are German (the spoken language throughout all social classes, is Swiss German with lots of variations - about 63%), French (20%), Italian (7%), and Romansch (1% or less). Also, about 9% of the population speaks other languages. English is widely used, especially in banking, business and, of course, in the tourist industry, science, research, and engineering. Despite this openness, except for very few areas (e.g. nurses, IT, some Ph.D. level research jobs), solid knowledge of one of the official languages is essential, if you want to find a job and work in Switzerland.

If you are not from the EU/EFTA, it is tough to get a work/residence permit for Switzerland. There are
some exceptions for people who have unique and rare skills, for which there is a shortage in Switzerland (nurses, IT and telecom specialists, programmers, secondary school teachers, the latter only from the EU, life science researchers).
Another exception to this rule could be if you are an executive transferee (i.e. a person sent by the parent company to do a management or higher technical job in the Swiss subsidiary). Foreign, especially American companies, in the past, often circumvent the difficulties of getting local work permits, by employing transferees in their home country, and then having them work 3, 6 to 12 months in Switzerland.

There is now a short term work permit, the "L-Permit." While this type of work visa is primarily issued for seasonal employees and workers in the hotel and tourist industry, it is also given to highly qualified industrial workers, especially in the information technology sector, where many people work on time-limited projects.

Foreign employees start with an annually renewable "B- Permit." After five years, provided your behavior has been immaculate, you can convert that into a Permit C, which is something like the Green Card in the USA. In other words, you gain permanent residence status.

Employment possibilities, such as seasonal workers in the hotel industry and agriculture, and stagiaire jobs (time limited training jobs, au-pairs) are now also covered by the L-Permit.

The Swiss education system has changed significantly during the last few years with the Bologna Reform. Besides the two highly acclaimed Federal universities (ETH in Zurich and EPUL in Lausanne), there are world-class cantonal universities in St. Gallen, Basle (one of the oldest Universities in Europe), Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Bern, Neuchatel and the two new ones in Luzern and Lugano. Besides these, there are Paedagogische Hochschulen (Advanced Teacher Training Universities) in many Cantons across the country. However, the largest change has come with the creation of some Applied Science and Commercial Universities, the Fachhochschulen, which can award University Bachelors and Masters degrees in some subjects.

The Swiss operate a highly diversified dual education system. There is, additionally, the Swiss apprenticeship system, where young people, at the age of 16, enter a three or four-year apprenticeship with an employer. They will be trained on the job, while at the same time attending classes in particular schools. The result will be a State Diploma in professions and trades that range from secretaries, administrative clerks, bookkeepers to car mechanics, the building trades, carpenters, hairdressers and much more. Without that State Diploma or its foreign equivalent, it is hard for the Swiss to get a job. Despite a shortage of suitably qualified employees and relatively low unemployment, even under the present tight economic conditions, applicants from countries that do not have similar apprenticeship programs, have almost no chance of getting jobs in these sectors.

Additionally, the Swiss travel a lot, and it is not uncommon to meet a secretary who speaks and writes three languages and has traveled all around the world.

Housing and Working Hours in Switzerland

Because of the shortage of land, most Swiss are renters of their housing. Housing costs in Switzerland are extremely high and comparatively few people own their home. During the last few years, condominium purchases have increased. However, in most cities, especially Geneva and Zurich, it is tough to find good and reasonably priced apartments. As a general rule, you have to expect to pay about 25-30% of your gross salary for your apartment.
By comparison, the Swiss work longer hours than the rest of Europe, usually between 40 and 45 hours a week. They also have fewer paid vacation days, four weeks per year for the first five years of a working relationship and, in most cases, five after that. Though, the statutory holiday period for all employees is limited to four weeks only.

Help and Programs to Find a Job in Switzerland

For a long time, we have provided free information about employment and job searches in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France. However, the current economic climate has resulted in an actual surge of requests. We now receive between 150 and 200 serious requests per day. To deal with these inquiries in a realistic, but also, professional manner, jobs4work,, together with JobLine International, formed a team of experts that can respond to these questions appropriately. Unfortunately, this cannot be done for free, but we have tried to offer programs which are affordable to anyone contemplating to go to Switzerland (or also Germany, France, and Austria).

The consultants who deal with the problems of getting jobs in Switzerland (as well as Germany and France) have all lived and worked in the country. Some are dual nationals (Swiss and USA, Canada, Australia or Britain) that have experience with the systems in either country. They all speak the languages, and most of them have homes in the country, about which they give advice.

Job Search and Advice Packages for Switzerland
A General Appraisal about your chances of being able to be employed in Switzerland and getting a work permit A Job specific Assessment of your ability to find a job in Switzerland with some Guidelines towards possible employers Detailed Advice on a Job Search with the identification of potential employers, and writing/editing of a Curriculum Vitae (in English).

If you like help with your job search in Switzerland click on the programs above. Send us an e-mail .

Avira Phantom VPN

For some more information about Zurich and Geneva click on the links below

Corporations in Life Science with large Production and Research Facilities

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Novartis International AG
CH-4002 Basel
Ph:+41 61 324 11 11
Fx: +41 61 324 80 01
Corporate Pages with Career Site (Jobs und Karriere) Switzerland German, French, English A huge pharmaceutical and research company. It is the largest employer of Life Science professionals in Switzerland. Novartis works worldwide and also employs sales and admin people, accountants and finance as well as IT personnel. Owns the famous Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research.
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
Corporate HQ
Grenzacherstrasse 124
CH-4070 Basel
Ph:+41-61-688 1111
Fx:+41-61-691 9391
Corporate Pages with Career Site The English Language site is here (roche.com) Switzerland German, French, English One of the largest Health Care and Pharmaceutical companies in the world. Roche develops innovative diagnostic and treatment products. Subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities all over the world.
Basel, 4002
Ph.:+41 61 636 11 11
Fx.:+41 61 636 12 12
Corporate Pages with Career Site Produces products such as Adhesives & Sealant, Inks & Printing, Paints & Coatings, Plastics & Rubber Switzerland, Germany, German, French, English Ciba, special chemicals, now part of BASF since April 2009, is a leading global company dedicated to producing high-value effects for its customers’ products. Ciba dates back to 1758 when J.R. Geigy Ltd., the oldest chemicals company in Basel, began trading in chemicals and dyes. In 1970, Geigy merged with Ciba - a Basel-based chemicals company founded in 1884 - to form Ciba-Geigy Ltd. When Sandoz and Ciba-Geigy Ltd integrate to form Novartis, CIBA was formed as a spin-off
HR Infoline
Tel. +41(0)61 323 51 11
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French, English, Italien A world-leading agri-business committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. With more than 24,000 employees in over 90 countries

* * *

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Givaudan SA
5, Chemin de la Parfumerie
1214 Vernier
Ph:+41 22 780 9111
Fx:+41 22 780 9150
Corporate Site with Job Site, Switzerland German, French, English, One of the foremost innovators, creators, and suppliers of fragrances and flavors in the world. With over 200 years of combined experience, Givaudan is among the oldest and largest flavor and fragrance houses in existence. Subsidiaries in 46 countries from which it services customers in over 80 countries
Lonza Group Ltd
Muenchensteinerstrasse 38
CH-4002 Basel
Ph:+41 61 316 81 11
Fx: +41 61 316 91 11
Corporate Site with Job Site, Switzerland French, English, French, Italian One of the world's leading suppliers to the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science industries. Its products and services span its customers’ needs from research to final product manufacture. Lonza had sales of US$ 2.8 billion.

Scientists Jobs in Engineering and other Manufacturing Companies

Switzerland like Germany, Austria the Czech Republic and Great Britain has a long mechanical and electrical engineering tradition and substantial numbers of manufacturing companies. Most of the Swiss ones are heavily export oriented with Germany, the USA and now increasingly China, Russia, and India as their markets. Also, there is a precision mechanical engineering sector (Feinmechanik) which had its origin in the watch (in the Cantons of Neuchatel, Vaud, and Bern) and sewing machine industry and is now increasingly involved in robotics. Machine tools and sophisticated textile machinery manufacturing is still important, though Italy and Japan are strong competitors in these fields

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Stadler Rail AG
Industriestrasse 1
CH-9565 Bussnang
Ph:+41 71 626 21 20
Fx:+41 71 626 21 28
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French,English, Italian Designers and manufacturer of Trains for suburban and urban lines (FLIRT, GTW, DOSTO, TANGO) with manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Algeria. 2400 employees, exports all over the world.
Sulzer Ltd
Zürcherstrasse 14
8401 Winterthur, Switzerland
Ph: +41 52 262 11 22
Fx +41 52 262 01 01
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French, English Sulzer was founded in 1834 in Winterthur, Switzerland, and is active in over 120 locations worldwide. Specializing in the manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment.
Rieter Management AG
Schlosstalstr. 43
CH-8406 Winterthur
T +41 52 208 71 71
F +41 52 208 70 60
Corporate Pages with Career Site Switzerland German, French, English, Turkish, Chinese An industrial group based in Winterthur, Switzerland, and operating on a global scale. Formed in 1795, the company is a leading supplier to the textile and automotive industries. Rieter has a presence in 21 countries with some 70 manufacturing facilities and has a total worldwide workforce of approximately 14 000 employees, some 14% of whom are based in Switzerland
ABB Group
Affolternstrasse 44
P.O. Box 8131
CH-8050 Zurich
Ph:+41 (0)43 317 7111
Fx:+41 (0)43 317 4420
Corporate Site with Job Searches, Switzerland, Sweden, German, French, English, Italien Global leader in power and automation technologies.One of the world’s leading engineering companies. Operates in 100 countries and employs 120,000 people. Power generation and distribution systems, So0lar Power

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
22-24, Route de Genève
Case Postale 134
1033 Cheseaux
T +41 21 732 01 01
F +41 21 732 01 00
Corporate Site with Job Searches, Switzerland German, French,English, Italian The Kudelski Group is a world leader in digital security and convergent media solutions for the delivery of digital and interactive content. Worldwide operation. $1.0 billion in sales
Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
P.O. Box 992
6371 Stans, Switzerland
Ph: +41 41 619 61 11
Fx: +41 41 610 92 30
Corporate Site with Job Searches, Switzerland German, French, English Established as an aircraft manufacturer in 1939 and headquartered in Stans, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd owns three independent subsidiaries in Altenrhein, Broomfield, Colorado (USA) and Adelaide (Australia). Together, these companies form the Pilatus Group. There are additional sales offices in England, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.
RUAG Schweiz AG
Division Aerospace
P.O. Box 301
Seetalstrasse 175
6032 Emmen
Ph:+41 412 684 111
Fx:+41 412 602 588
Corporate Site with Job Site Switzerland German, French, English RUAG is an international aerospace and defence & security technology group with production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Sweden. !00% of the shares of the holding company are owned by the Swiss Government
The Swatch Group Ltd
Seevorstadt 6
P.O. Box
2501 Biel / Bienne
Ph:+41 32 343 68 11
Fx:+41 32 343 69 11
Corporate Site with Job Site, Switzerland German, French, English, Italien In 1998, SMH (Swiss Corporation for Microelectronics and Watchmaking Industries Ltd.), founded by Nicolas G. Hayek (also the inventor of the SMART Car) in 1983 through the merger Swiss watchmakers ASUAG and SSIH, was renamed The Swatch Group. They produce Breguet, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, Omega and Tiffany, Longines, Rado and Union Glashütte, Tissot, ck watch & jewelry, Certina, Balmain, Mido and Hamilton,Swatch and Flik Flak.

Executive Search and Executive Recruiters

There are a large number of executive recruiters and headhunters operating in Switzerland. Besides the large international ones, which you can find in our special international executive recruiters pages we show some below that should be of interest.

You will find a large number of executive recruiters and headhunters for Zurich and for Geneva through the links below

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
ORBIS Executive Search AG Weinbergstrasse 102
CH-8006 Zurich
Ph:+41 44 368 30 50
Fax: +41 44 368 30 59
Executive Recruiter Resume, Job Searches.
Switzerland German, French, English, It is together with its partner TRANSEARCH International one of the leading international executive search companies. Through network partner we have representation in 35 countries with over 56 offices. Recruiters for middle and higher executives
Pleinert und Partner
Kämbelgasse 4
CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland
Ph:+41 44 212 41 45,
Executive Recruiter Resume, Job Searches.
Switzerland French, English, French, Italian Recruiter for financial services, accounting, life science, research,engineering marketing and others
Wilhelm Group
St. Leonhardstrasse 20
Postfach 1531
9001 St. Gallen
Tel. +41 71 227 90 00
Fax +41 71 227 90 19
Executive Recruiter Resume, Job Searches. Switzerland German French, English All types of jobs which are concerned with Banking accounting, commerce etc.
SAM Headhunting Sàrl
Alte Zürcherstrasse 10
CH - 8903 Birmensdorf
Ph:+41(0)22 752 08 18
Fx:+41(0)22 752 08 19
Mob:+41(0)79 439 85 90
SAM Headhunting Sàrl (Geneva Office)
Chemin Armand-Dufaux 30
CH - 1245 Collonge-Bellerive
Executive Search & Headhunting Resume, Vacancy Posts, Job Searches with offices in Lausanne and Basle Switzerland German, French, English European group of search and selection companies established in 1993 with international connections to China, Russia, Vietnam, India, the former GIS States etc

Types of Recruiters and and how they operate in Finding Employment for you

We will be using a standard classification for the types of recruiters which we show here. This is as follows:

Headhunters and Executive Search Firms Generally these search firms look on their own for employees at the top level, they want to place. Their targets are Board Members, CEO's, CFO's other first and second level management, high level staff and technical specialists. Only some of these recruiters will accept voluntarily sent CV's. The general rule here is:"We call you, don't call us!" But during hard economic times...... who knows!
Executive Recruiters These search firms will generally accept your unsolicited application. They might also recruit on behalf of companies at all levels, but generally specialize at the technical and middle to higher management levels.
Staffing Agencies (incl. Temp. Agencies) Staffing Agencies will deal with temporary and permanent staff placements. Some of them will recruit managers on a restricted time management (e.g. 6 months or one year), and others will specialize in certain economic sectors.
Internet Recruiters and Job Boards Some internet recruiters and job boards do not have offices you can visit, since their whole operation works over the internet. Most of these recruiters will deal with permanent placements only. Look out for reputable operations!

Selected Small and Medium sized Privately Held Companies

Besides some industrial giants, Switzerland, like Germany and Austria has a large number of highly innovative, privately held firms that are often the international leaders in their field. They usually range in size from 100 to 2,000 employees and within the German language area are known as KMU's, an acronym for "Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen. (Small and Medium sized companies). There are obviously hundreds of these enterprises, and they often form the backbone of innovation and progress in Swiss industry. We have only included a few here.

Web Address Type of Link Main Language Remarks
Zühlke Engineering AG
Wiesenstrasse 10a
8952 Schlieren (Zürich)

Ph +41 44 733 6611
Fx +41 44 733 6612
Corporate Site with Job Site and Job Searches Switzerland German, English, Nationwide and some International An independent technology and consulting firm. Zühlke stands for bespoke software solutions and product innovation.An internationally acclaimed solution supplier with development centers in Austria, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland.
Bühler AG
9240 Uzwil
Ph:+4171 955 11 11
Fx:+4171 955 33 79
Corporate Site with job page Switzerland German, French,
Large international leader and engineering technology partner for the food industry, chemical processing and die casting. Leaders in the basic technologies of grinding, blending & mixing, bulk handling, thermal treatment, and shaping for processing cereal grains and foods, producing and upgrading engineering materials, and die casting. 6900 worldwide employees. Privately held.
Bossard Group
Steinhauserstrasse 70
6301 Zug
Ph: +41 41 749 66 11
Fx: +41 41 749 66 22
Corporate Site with job page Switzerland French, German, English Worldwide manufacturer and specialist in fastening technology, engineering etc 1800 employees. (publicly held SMX quoted)
Rohner AG,
Gempenstrasse 6
4133 Pratteln,
Ph: +41 61 825 11 11
Fx: +41 61 825 12 71

Corporate Site with job page Switzerland German, French,
The only independent TMC manufacturer in the world. Contract Manufacturer for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry. 200 employees.
MPS Micro Precision Systems AG
Eckweg 8,
PO Box 6069
CH-2500 Biel-Bienne 6
Ph:+41 32 344 43 00
Fx: +41 32 344 43 01
Corporate Site with job Page Switzerland French, German, English Designers and producers of micro electronic motors and drives (Faulhaber) for the medical and other industries, robotics, aerospace, industrial tools optical equipment etc.
Bernina Naehmaschinen
BERNINA International AG
Seestrasse, CH-8266 Steckborn
Tel. +41/(0)52 762 15 74
Corporate Site with job page Switzerland German, French One of the worlds largest Sewing and embroidery Machine Manufacturers
Management Technology AG
CH-9470 Buchs, SG, Gewerbestrasse 8, Ph:+41 81 750 06 40
Corporate Site with Jobs Switzerland German, English Smallish engineering company. Integration of highly specialized domains including software and hardware engineering, system development and system integration
Glutz AG
Swiss Access Systems
Industrial Components
Segetzstr. 13
4502 Solothurn
+41 32 625 65 20
+41 32 625 65 35
Corporate Site with Jobs Switzerland English, French, German, Italien, Glutz has been marketing high-quality Swiss products since 1863. High security (Eypos, biometry) locks, hardware hinges. Exports worldwide
Strelsson Menswear AG Sonnenwiesenstrasse 21 CH-8280 Kreuzlingen Switzerland Ph: +41 71 686 3333 Corporate Site with Jobs Switzerland German English, French, Founded by the two brothers who inherited Hugo Boss (later sold) , Strelsson has become a major supplier of high quality menswear. It also owns the German company Joop, Windsor and produces Tony Hilfiger under license in Europe. Privately held, about 350 employees.


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Have your Resume/CV edited by us The Functional Resume
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How to Master an Interview and be successful The Chrono-Functional Resume
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Networking and how to use it successfully
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Self Evaluation: What are you Capable of?
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Some help in your general Job Search

Do you want us to find an outstanding Job for yourself in your field of specialty? This is not an easy task, but we can help! We know the job market in Switzerland and the surrounding countries and know what skills employers look for!

Are you looking for a Job but, really, have no time to do the search justice? Then try us, we can help!

Would you like us to help you find a job? Job Hunting is time consuming and we can help you with the "footwork".
You send us your Resume or CV and a cover letter and we will submit it to employers looking for your skills! We will do this for you for 10 - 45 days. Prices start at $89.00 for ten days plus your resume is published for 90 days in jobs4work.com.

E-Mail Resume Submission for ten days plus Resume Publication in Jobs4work for 90 days plus Resume publication in Jobs4work for 90 days
E-Mail Resume Submission for one months and Publication on Jobs4work for 90 days
E-Mail Resume Submission (45 days) and Publication on Jobs4work for three months
Creation of Resume and Cover Letter from your data plus E-Mail Resume Submission and publication on Jobs4work for three months
You Resume and cover letter decides whether the employer will look at your submission. To get the job is decided in the first ten seconds the employer sees your cover letter! If you do not have a good resume and cover letter, we will create it for you from your data!
If you feel you have basically a good Resume and Cover Letter but would like someone to edit it, before you finally send it out
Create a Curriculum Vitae from data supplied by you (e.g. Resume plus additional data)

You can pay by International Postal Money Order. Send us an e-mail and we will give you the address for this type of payment.

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