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* Fossil

Many scientists are considering jobs on the other side of the Atlantic. Whether you have been educated in the USA and consider some time with a new European venture, or a European educated scientist, thinking about a move to an established US firm, you will soon realize, that your skills are in demand on either side. But what differences are there in how applicants have to present themselves in these markets? Writing a resume is a difficult task, but have you considered how you present your academic, research and work history, when you are considering a job overseas? Because of the global marketplace, the prospective candidate needs to know the expectations of employers in other countries and the standards which hiring managers will be looking for in prospective candidates.

Job Boards and Recruiters for Science and R & D Jobs

Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
Physlink.com Job Board Resume Submission, Job Searches; USA, English, Nationwide Site for physicists, astronomers , geologists and similar professions. Does have a job board. The PhysLink.com is a comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site. In addition to providing high-quality content, PhysLink.com is a meeting place for professionals, students and other curious minds
Atlantic Research Technologies Executive Recruiter with Resume Submission, Job Searches USA, English, Nationwide, International Our firm is perhaps the first truly global executive search firm. Our recruitment capabilities are never limited by the location of physical offices or by the limited resources of local staff. We operate all over the world as a virtually local recruiting firm. We are headhunters with candidates and clients in the major world centers of business, technology, industry, finance and creativity. Just as if we were in your city, we act like a local recruitment firm for our candidates and clients in your area, presenting them with choices local to them or, if needed, with other options within their state, province, nation, region, or worldwide.
Lifesciencejobs Ltd
Regus House, 1 Friary,
Temple Quay,
Bristol, BS1 6EA

United Kingdom
Executive Recruiter with Resume Submission, Job Searches United Kingdom, English, Nationwide and International Specializes in chemical and pharmaceutical industries with a large client database
National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists
PO Box 1219
ID 83864
Job Board - Job Posting Board, Vacancy Posting USA, English Nationwide Research and Development Jobs for Soil Scientists, Geologists and Engineers
PhD's org Job Board On-Line Resume submission, job searches vacancy posting, USA, English, Nationwide Research jobs in Science, Mathematics and Engineering. Also Career Resources
Bond Technologies
1650 West Farm Road
Minnesota  55318-9507
Ph:(952) 403-9303 
Executive Search for Engineering R&D - Resume submission, job searches vacancy posting, USA, English, Nationwide Bond Technologies is a consulting firm that specializes in assisting select, exclusive companies with their recruitment efforts, primarily in cutting edge engineering development.  Unlike traditional search firms, most of our business is done in partnership with a small group of client companies, often having an on site presence.
Louis Rudzinsky Associates
7 Mystic St.
Suite 203
Arlington, MA 02474

Ph: (781) 862-6727
Executive Recruiter - On-Line Resume submission, Executive Searches. Retained and Contingency Searches USA, English Nationwide Contingency search and retained recruitment for R& D Jobs - Providing more than 30 years of recruitment and placement services and expertise to the Photonics, Electronics, and Software Communities nationwide. LRA offers comprehensive search, consulting, and research services nationwide.
Job Board with On-Line Resume submission, Executive Searches. United Kingdom, English, Nationwide and Europe Scientists web site for jobs mainly in the United Kingdom and Europe. A leading online job board for scientists, Access-ScienceJobs.co.UK was initially launched in July 2005 from an existing scientific recruitment platform with the sole aim to provide employers a more cost-effective recruitment advertising solution, and for jobseekers a one-stop portal for finding their ideal scientific position.


Web Site Type of Site Location, Language Remark
IVF.net Job Board Resume Submission, Job Searches; USA, English, Nationwide Web site for jobs and information on reproductive technologies
Jobs in Science Leonard House
12-14 Silver Street
Staffordshire. B79 7NH
Executive Recruiter and Job Board with Resume Submission, Job Searches United Kingdom, English, Nationwide, International Jobs in Science provides recruitment solutions to the science industry throughout the UK. We are experts at placing and sourcing scientific staff for temporary and permanent positions. Our clients include Blue Chip and small to medium size organizations in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, clinical, water, chemical, food, environmental and research industries.
Proctor & Gamble Cincinnati OH Corporation with Resume Submission, Job Searches USA, English, Nationwide and International P&G people get involved - with their workplace, their community, their neighbors and each other. If you want a company whose actions reflect their ethics and whose people live their values, P&G is an excellent choice. Jobs at P&G await!
Honda Research Americas, Inc.
Human Resources Dept.
1900 Harpers Way
Torrance, CA 90501-2746
Fax: 310-781-5677
Corporation - Vacancy Posting USA, Japan, English Nationwide Hands-on engineering is the principle that guides our work at Honda R&D. But behind this approach lies a passion for the work we do - a love for the cars we create. Here, our excitement about engineering drives us to seek out new challenges and become thoroughly involved in the technical process.
NewScientists Jobs Job Board On-Line Resume submission, job searches vacancy posting, United Kingdom, English, Nationwide With New Scientist Jobs you can search our database for hundreds of science jobs. Registration is free and you can upload your resume, set up email job alerts, subscribe to RSS feeds and apply for science jobs online. Start your job search now
Cognitive Science Executive Search and Job Boards - Resume submission, job searches vacancy posting, Netherlands , English, Nationwide In the Netherlands thousands of scientists are working in the field of cognitive science. These scientists come from various backgrounds. Some come from psychology. Others from neuroscience, computer science, biology, linguistics or philosophy. Cognitie.nl offers you up-to-date information about institutes in which these cognitive scientists are organized, conferences and events where new findings are exchanged, courses and much more. Also Cognitie.nl offers you the possibility to make your work in cognitive science known to a large public. Cognitie.nl is an initiative of the NWO programme Brain & Cognition.
American Society of Investigative Pathology 9650 Rockville Pike, 
Suite E133
MD 20814 (USA)
Ph: 301-634-7130
Fx: 301-634-7990
Organizational Information site with a Job Board- USA, English Nationwide A society of biomedical scientists who investigate mechanisms of disease. Investigative pathology is an integrative discipline that links the presentation of disease in the whole organism to its fundamental cellular and molecular mechanisms
Southern Association of Forensic Scientists
Information site with Job Board USA, English, Nationwide, This SAFS website is the hub of communication between SAFS members and the rest of the forensic community.  We encourage you to also visit our Facebook page and connect with forensic scientists around the country.   Please look around and if you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

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Vacancies in Research and Academic Positions
ID Number Position Vacant Date Posted
C0-WW-12001 Inomics Employment Opportunities for Economists Worldwide Open
University of Alabama at Birmingham Various Medical, Administrative and Academic Positions
University of Alabama at Birmingham - UAB

Covance - Geneva, Switzerland based drug development research facility


Do you need help in getting an international Job abroad?

Do you want us to find an outstanding Science Job in Europe or the USA with one of the best companies? If you want to be in Europe and you are not from the EU/EFTA, it will be difficult to get work and residence permit. We cannot guarantee that you get a job, but we can make the very best effort to help and guide you to the right companies. We will also guide you about housing and work/residence permits. And it does not cost the earth! Are you looking for a Job but, really, have no time to do the search justice? Then try us, we can help! We will have a program that suits you!

Job Hunting is time consuming and the competition for top jobs is fierce!. We can help you with some of the "footwork".
We guide you in countries such as
Switzerland, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain.

We can also edit
or write your Resume or a European or academic CV if you do not have an appropriate good resume. We will also write a generic a cover letter that you can amend depending on the application and employer. We will just need your data! (e.g. your old resume!)

So that your applications truly reflects what you offer to a potential employer! You can also select any of the following. It will make job search so much easier and, provided you have the right qualification, very likely more successful. Remember cultures in other countries differ and so does the job search!

A General Appraisal about your chances of being able to be employed in Germany, Switzerland, France and other EU Countries and getting a work permit A Job specific Assessment of your ability to find a job in Switzerland or a EU country with some Guidelines towards possible employers Detailed Advice on a Job Search with the identification of a list of potential employers, and writing/editing of a Curriculum Vitae (in English) and appropriate generic Cover Letter . Ongoing Advice on a Job Search for three months with writing/editing of a Curriculum Vitae (in English) the identification of potential employers, review of each cover letter to employers and an appropriate generic Cover Letter for general use.

Your Resume and cover letter decides whether the employer will look at your submission.
To get the job is decided in the first ten seconds the employer sees your cover letter! If you do not have a good resume and cover letter, we will create it for you from your data!

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